Canadian Health Care

Canada is one of the leading countries which serve the best medical service for its citizen. Canada allows free medical treatment for every citizens, quick examining, and accurate diagnose. Canada also have very moderate medical decision like legalizing abortion, which many people see as inhuman, but though, safes thousands souls of women who have unintended pregnancy.

However, despite the great achievement made by Canadian health care, there are many myths about Canadian health service which oppose it. Mostly, these myths are made based on the comparison with US’s health service. One of the loud spoken myths related to health care in Canada is that even though the medical service is free, you have to pay extremely high tax that goes to the medical service. It is indeed, that Canadian tax is higher than US tax. However, actually Canadian takes the tax to more things besides health care which American tax doesn’t cover. For example, Canadian tax helps Canadian children to pay cheaper school fee in higher education level. It doesn’t happening in the US. After their tax, Canadian gross payment is 82%, while American workers get 81,9% of their payment after tax.

You can get more information by joining Canadian opinion board in Canada 411. Here you can speak out your opinion about Canadian health care and help to keep it as the leader in medical service.

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